Our partners for the United Kingdom:

Acsoft ltd
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E. sales@acsoft.co.uk
W. www.acsoft.co.uk

Svantek UK
T. +44 1296 682 040
E. sales@svantek.co.uk
W. www.svantek.co.uk

Welcome to the dBeez-online demo website

dBeez-online is a flexible web interface for real time presentation of measurement data that can be fully adjusted according to your wishes. dBeez online provides you with direct insight into the current situation. This is primarily interesting for measurements that require a quick reaction to an excess of the license value for sound complaints. The most significant limitations of the online sound monitoring systems are the limited analysis and reporting options. dBeez has changed this by combining online data publication with a Windows application for analysis of the ‘raw’ measurement data from the Svantek monitoring systems. The SvanPC++ software allows you to analyze large amounts of data easily, trends can be determined, audio recording listened to, sources identified and noise disappears.

• Online platform for live presentation of measurement data
• Alarm notifications via SMS and email
• Windows software for statistical analysis, source identification, etc.
• Reporting in Word or Excel
• Analysis of audio recordings for, amongst others, tonal sound